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Welcome to AboutTheNetherlands.com

In October 2020 AboutTheNetherlands was created. The purpose of this website is to provide people with information about the beautiful country of the Netherlands. 

I am Dutch myself and I am very proud of the country in which I live. The Netherlands is a great country to live in, but also to visit as a tourist. 

Of course, the Netherlands is known for things like clogs, windmills, cheese, and coffeeshops. But the Netherlands has a lot more to offer and I would like to show you that.

My goal is to convey this passion and love for the Netherlands to the visitors of this website. In this way, I want to share my knowledge about the Netherlands with you.

This way you can prepare yourself well before you go on holiday here, for example. But those interested in the Netherlands and Dutch culture are also in the right place here.

AboutTheNetherlands is a website where you can find very diverse information about the Netherlands.

For example, think of fun facts, the history of the Netherlands, Dutch culture, tourist guides, famous cities, and much more.

I hope you enjoy reading all the information on this website. And who knows, you might develop the same love for the Netherlands as I do.

Best regards,

Leo van den Berg

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