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The Netherlands has a very long and rich culture. That is why there is an awful lot to tell about Dutch culture. In this category, you will find all kinds of blogs related to Dutch culture.

This may concern, for example, the Dutch food culture, but also the behavior and way of thinking of the Dutch.

In addition, you will also find out which countries have been influenced by the Dutch and their culture. Do not wait any longer and be informed about the interesting culture of the Dutch.

October 9, 2023
What to Buy in the Netherlands: Top 10 Must-Have Souvenirs

The Netherlands offers a unique shopping experience for both locals and tourists alike, with a wide array of goods that […]

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December 9, 2020
Dutch Culture vs American Culture: How Do They Differ?

The Netherlands and America are two countries that look totally different from each other at first sight. One country has […]

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November 10, 2020
Why Do Dutch People Kiss Three Times?

We've all heard about the Dutch and their tradition of kissing three times. It may come as a shock to […]

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