Seasons In The Netherlands (All Seasons Fully Explained)

May 11, 2021

Often I get asked what it is that I love about The Netherlands so much. One of the first things I mention is that I love the different seasons in the Netherlands. The Netherlands variates in climate throughout the year, making it enjoyable for everyone.

The Netherlands has four main seasons. The seasons are spring (March 20th - June 20th), summer (June 21st - September 21st), autumn (September 21st - December 20th, and winter (December 21st - March 19th).

As described above, each season has its perks, from blooming tulip fields to sledding on snowy dunes. The Netherlands has it all. In this article, I explain which seasons the Netherlands has, when it starts and ends, and what you can expect from each season.

What are the Seasons in The Netherlands?

Like lots of countries, the Netherlands has different seasons throughout the year. Each season is different and has its benefits and reasons why you should come and visit. During each season, the Dutch like to do different kinds of activities. This article will give you an impression of what the Dutch like to do during the different seasons and what they are like. 

The four seasons in the Netherlands are:

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Autumn
  4. Winter 

The weather in The Netherlands can be really unpredictable. Around spring, you might walk across someone wearing long sleeves and long pants, but the following person you see might be wearing shorts.

Once you notice this, it can be pretty funny. The weather changes not only when a new season comes around but also during each season. One day it can be raining and blowing big gusts of wind, and the next day, the sun can be out. That is why when visiting the Netherlands, it is a good idea to bring different sets of clothing.

It is easy to recognize the different seasons in the Netherlands. The weather changes, and so does the landscape. The climate varies quite a lot. The Netherlands can have snow during the winter but may also reach forty degrees Celsius in summer.

The average temperatures during the seasons have increased over the past years. It is believed that this is the result of the climate change that is happening worldwide.

What is Spring Like in The Netherlands?

What are the Seasons in The Netherlands - Tulips in a field

Spring is the season when the first lambs are born, and you will see plenty of chicks and baby ducks in the water. During this time of year, people leave their warm winter jackets at home. The Netherlands is full of green trees and colorful flowers. In the Dutch provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland, you can visit the many popular tulip fields. These beautiful flowers bloom during the month of May. 

Dutch citizens tend to be extra happy during this time of year because of the warmer temperatures. During Spring, Dutchies like to hop on their bicycles, catch the first warm sun rays, and love to join some friends outside on a terrace for some drinks, like beer and wine, and of course, some Dutch snacks.

Spring can be unpredictable weather-wise. As described above, there can be nice sunny days, and you can get away with wearing shorts. On other days it can be raining, and you will need a jacket to stay warm.

When Does Spring Start in The Netherlands?

Spring starts on March 20th and ends on June 20th in the Netherlands. Spring comes right after winter and right before summer.

The Average Temperature in The Netherlands During Spring

The Average temperature during Spring in The Netherlands is 10.3 degrees Celsius (50.54 degrees Fahrenheit). As spring comes right after winter, the temperature rises significantly in these three months. It is also the driest season of the four seasons, which makes it a great time to come and visit.

What is Summer Like in The Netherlands?

What are the Seasons in The Netherlands - Collection of summer travel items

Summer is the season when the days get longer and the nights get shorter. During the longest day, the sun sets around ten-thirty pm. and rises around five pm. You can really notice when summer starts because lots of people are out and about.

There are lots of happy chats on the streets, and people wave at each other. Kids have eight weeks of summer holiday, and everyone goes to the beach, hangs out in the parks, or organizes a barbecue with friends. Also, summer is well known for the many outdoor festivals that are organized during this season in The Netherlands. 

When visiting one of many beaches in The Netherlands during summer, you will see people of all ages playing games like beach volleyball or beach tennis. Also, there will be many people swimming in the ocean or doing activities like kitesurfing or windsurfing.

There are different kinds of festivals that Dutch and tourists enjoy during the summer holidays. They range from big multi-day and multi-podium festivals like Mysteryland to small one-day and one-stage festivals. Food truck festivals have become more and more popular during the summer over the last few years.

When Does Summer Start in The Netherlands?

Summer in The Netherlands starts 21st of June and ends on the 21st of September. Summer is right in between Spring and Autumn.

The Average Temperature in The Netherlands During Summer

The average temperature is 17.0 degrees Celsius (62.6 degrees Fahrenheit) during summer in the Netherlands. It is the warmest season of the four seasons. It rains a bit more than during Spring, but it is still a lot less compared to Autumn and Winter.

What is Autumn Like in The Netherlands? 

What are the Seasons in The Netherlands - Dutch forest during autumn

After summer, it's Autumn's turn to visit The Netherlands in September. Autumn is known for being a windy and rainy season in The Netherlands.

It is the time of year that people go out for walks in the forest. The leaves turn from green to brown, orange, and yellow. Once the leaves fall off the trees, the leaves leave behind a beautiful bed on the ground that is worth seeing, even if it rains. I do recommend bringing a raincoat with you if you go out and about during this time of year.

It isn't just the leaves that pull people toward the forests. It is also due to the many different mushrooms that show up during this time of year. There are many different types, sizes, and colors. Lots of photos are taken and posted on social media for people to enjoy worldwide.

There is a division between Dutch people about Autumn. Some people like it, and others would rather skip this season altogether. The people who don't like being out in the rain will stay inside and cook a nice meal with family and friends or play board games, for example. 

When Does Autumn Start in The Netherlands?

Autumn in The Netherlands starts on the 21st of September and ends on the 20th of December. Autumn is between summer and winter.

The Average Temperature in The Netherlands During Autumn

The average temperature in The Netherlands during Autumn is 10.6 degrees Celsius (51.08 degrees Fahrenheit). Between summer and autumn, the temperature drops, the wind picks up, and there is an increase in rainfall.

What is Winter Like in The Netherlands?

Ice skating on the canals in Amsterdam

Once winter hits, it's time to get your warm jacket out. During winter, the temperatures drop, and there is are chances of snow and ice. If you would like to see snow, I recommend visiting the southern parts of The Netherlands. The Northern part of the Netherlands doesn't get a lot of snow. This has to do with being located close to the ocean.

Most Dutch people like the cooler temperatures that are present during winter. If you want to see Dutch people very excited, wait until there is (natural) ice. If the temperatures drop enough that there is ice, you will see almost all people hopping in their cars to drive to one of the many ponds, rivers, and other waters in the Netherlands to go ice-skating.

Compared to other countries, the number of people that get a winter depression is very slim in the Netherlands. The days are shorter, but there is still enough light during the day that lets people leave their houses and participate in activities.

As the winters can be chilly in the Netherlands, the Dutch people love to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket at night. Playing a game at an open fireplace or sipping tea in a nearby restaurant is on the list of favorite ways to spend your time during winter.

When Does Winter Start in The Netherlands?

Winter in The Netherlands starts on the 21st of December and ends on the 19th of March. Winter comes after autumn and before spring.

The Average Temperature in The Netherlands During Winter

The average temperature in The Netherlands during winter is 3.4 degrees Celsius (38.12 Fahrenheit). There is less rainfall during winter than during autumn. There is a good chance that you will see snow and ice if you visit the Netherlands during winter.


Now that you have read this blog, you will know a bit more about what the seasons are in The Netherlands and what Dutch people do during the seasons.

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